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Is your firm wasting valuable time on non-core but very necessary activities?

The person reading this is very likely involved in one of the following businesses:

  • Short term insurance or underwriting
  • Fleet owner/management and fleet maintenance
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle company owner/management
  • Or may be an individual battling with a complaint to the Ombudsman, or an accident claim against the RAF (Road Accident Fund) for injuries sustained in an accident.

Business may be booming – to the extent that you are battling to meet deadlines because of being bogged down by specialised and/or detail work that is notoriously time consuming, and may also necessitate appointing expert staff – and paying them accordingly. (more…)

Vacancy Recovery Liability Consultant

At least 2 years recovery/liability experience in insurance industry English and Afrikaans, other languages will count...

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Third Party Recoveries

This entails the recovery of money from the party who caused the damage to our client’s vehicle or property. If the...

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Third Party Liabilities

This entails the negotiation of moneys due to a third party after our insured/driver caused damage to...

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Claims Assistance

ERS offers comprehensive claims assistance to our clients, which includes the full spectrum of dealing with a claim...

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